Katran Line Spooling tool - universal and unique tool made of high-quality metal material that helps to spool the line on your reel correctly. Using clamp you may easily set this tool up on your rod or place it in any other convenient place. Long line pin with clamp and handle allows you to insert any size of spool to wind it on reel properly. Set the line with slight pull up power and start winding it on your reel. Universal simple construction, pleasant and fast usability make it - must have tool in tackle box of any angler, who wish to spool the line easily and correctly in any conditions. Line spooling tool is packed in durable safe and waterproof case.
Hair Hook Tyer - is highly convenient tool for tying hooks. It allows to hold small size hooks and adjust the desired hair length. With Katran Hair Hook Tyer all your rig hairs will always be the same length

“Line burn” is caused by casting at speed in an attempt to achieve a greater distances or by getting your timing all wrong.

“Line burn” can very easily rasp the skin on your casting finger leaving you with some rather nasty abrasions but we now have the perfect answer to the “line burn” issue.

At KATRAN we place the safety of our customer right at the top of our company priorities and after many requests and a series of development tests we have come up with the new KATRAN casting glove.

Made from high-tech leather materials the new glove sits comfortably and snug on your casting hand giving you a better grip and greater control over your casting style but also factors in the safety issue to offer a barrier against line slip or even worse “line burn”.

KATRAN we put safety first.

Soft and strong line cutting performance.
Durable sawtoothed blades
Materials : Stainless steel
Blade : Great for PE, Dyneema line cutting
Handle : Rubber, black
Spring loaded scissors
With safe closing clip
Length : 130 mm

Stripper for safety stripping of coat.
  1. Pin rule for easy measure out of hair length (9 sizes from 12mm to 28mm)
  2. Metal ring helps   to tighten safely a knot on a hook.
  3. Cylindrical tip for making a loop on a hair, head or a lead core.
  4. Special socket helps to tighten securely a swivel or quick-change swivel.

You need not now to have a lot of tools which so often lose. It is enough to have a «Multi-Tool Katran 5in1» only.
A versatile gadget for any carp fisherman.
Made of high-quality plastic of prominent luminous color.

Universal needle, yellow, in type, suits for lead core knitting. Suitable for packing baits and work with PVA products.

Needle for a thin leadcore. Most of us have faced the problem with finding a thin needle to make a loop on a thin leadcore end. It can be a misery if you use the standard bait needle. This unique product has been specifically designed to take away those frustrations and allow you to complete the job quickly and easily. The plastic carp fin can be used to facilitate tightening the loop.

The Micro Boilie Needle is perfectly round and has no captive latch.

This will aid you when attempting to mount small baits onto the hair without splitting them.

• Extra heavy core
• Very fast sinking
• Flexible, hugs the bottom terrain in the best way
• Does not contain lead

New product for 2013

Lead core Mimicker 45lbs 70cm 3pcs

New product for 2013

Lead core Mimicker with size 4 hook  35Lb 15cm 1pcs

New product for 2013

Lead core Mimicker 45lbs 70cm 1pcs

New product for 2013

Leadcore PITON 45lbs 70cm 2pcs

Sinking, very flexible , smooth leader , 70 cm long , black in color , with one side loop for shock leader , on the other is quick swap swivel attachment for quick hooklink. Made of durable braided cord on 45Lb, coated with a special plastic protective coat. The usage of common braided lead cores under the bottom with a large number of shells or stones is not justified. Frequent cuts during re casting can lead to their breakage . For such harsh conditions have been specially developed leaders with a name «Murena».
Repeated tests have shown that in the area of ​​fishing with lots of mussels and shells «Murena» practically newer breaks down even with a huge number of cuts. Perfect for any kind of snap, you can throw tackles weighing up to 250 g.