Milos Antic (Switzerland) - 57,3 lb / 26 kg

Just imagine, almost 60 kg to land?
France, boats are forbidden, the lake is full of weeds.
To land this stunning heavy mirror on 26 kg, @Milos Antic, our brave expert and leader of National team Switzerland should millimetre by millimetre pull enormous amount of lake weeds! That's truly amazing!
The photos illustrates, how much weeds has been drawn to land with a fish.
"The 0.331 mm Synapse Carp from Katran and you Rod from Century made this work perfectly. After all, about 60 kg had to be moved to land"
No magic, just expert professionalism and line quality!

Additional Info

  • Name of anglers: Milos Antic
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Date of catch: 2018.10.22
  • Species of fish: Mirror carp
  • Weight of the fish: 57,3 lb / 26 kg
  • Used Katran products: Synapse Carp 0.331 mm