Andreas Farago (Austria) - 83.33 lb / 37.8 kg

!!! New Katran 2018 Record!!!

***37.8 kg or 83.33 lbs***

That's unbelievably amazing!

What a stunning monster big fish caught Andreas FaragoKatran Fishing Line Deutschland & Österreich! We can't even imagine his burst of emotions!

More details are coming soon, we 100% know the main line used was Synapse Neon 0.286mm!

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Additional Info

  • Name of anglers: Andreas Farago
  • Country: Austria
  • Date of catch: 2018.08.18
  • Species of fish: Carp
  • Weight of the fish: 83.33 lb / 37.8 kg
  • Used Katran products: Katran Synapse Neon 0,286 mm
    Katran Record Leader 45lb
    Katran Chain Core Comodo 80 lb!