Lee Moulding (UK) - 58lb / 26,3kg

One of the greatest chunk of this spring and start of summer, caught by Lee Moulding, UK. 58 lb or more than 26 kg monster!
What is the secret? Of course high level of experience and our Mimicker product, which attract even the most suspicious fish
"Felt like this stuff was a bit of a gimmick but thought I'd give it a go anyway! Landed this 58Ib with it. The joke will be on anyone not trying it!"
Not our words but the words of Lee Moulding since landing this Dinosaur while making best use of the weed effect "Mimicker".

Additional Info

  • Name of anglers: Lee Moulding
  • Country: UK
  • Date of catch: June,2015
  • Species of fish: Carp
  • Weight of the fish: 58 lb / 26.3 kg
  • Used Katran products: Mimicker hooklink