micro" KATRAN " Company ensures compliance of all claims, which made. In the manufacture of mono fishing line is very important to measure its diameter. To do this, we use a special high-precision micrometer, which measures the diameter to 0.001 ( thousandth ) mm. In a manufacturing process of the hook link materials there are also some secrets. Materials , their properties and the process. To achieve the desired characteristics - it is not an easy task. First of all, properties of the weaving influences the density (number of stitches per inch length). From the same material can be manufactured by different density and flexibility of the knots.
For example:
Hook link material MAGUS has just 14 weave per inch length.

Hook link material TERMIT has 8 and 32 threads per inch of length of the weave.

For sure, the physical properties of these materials will also vary the density and flexibility. Throw in a few more features and it becomes clear that you can get a huge variety of different combinations : sinking , floating , abrasive resistant or many other properties of different hook link materials. Hook link material: Using various components in hool link materials can get a huge variety of different options density and elasticity of the coat. It depends on the purpose of the material used. The coat can be: soft , medium-hard , hard and extra hard , thick, thin , clear, colored - a plenty of variants.
Streching characteristics of the hook link materials are more dependent on the materials from which they are made than the thickness. If we compare , for example KARAKURT 15lb with any other material on 15lb, its diameter is noticeably thinner and powerful MANTA on 45lb only slightly thicker than the other 25 Lb. For fishing tackel manufacturers we offer hool link materials and lead cores on big spools. Moreover, we make products with customer requested characteristics

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