Biggest European casting competitions - Katran Carp Casting 2018. Top best anglers show their best. The results over 200 meters speaks themselve. We are happy, the competition is spreading around the Europe.
Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia - successfully finished.
France, UK are coming soon!
Rückblickend zu der letzten Zeit wollte ich meine Erlebnisse nochmals Revue passieren lassen. Vor knapp sieben Wochen nahm ich mit meinem Freund Holger Prinz an einem Marathon Teil, dem Europe Deaf Carp Marathon (EDCM).
Looking back, I have a strong desire to review my experiences again. Just almost seven weeks ago I took part in a marathon with my friend Holger Prinz, Europe Deaf Carp Marathon (EDCM).
Awesome competition report by Rafal Wojewoda, our expert in UK:
Victory on Junior World Carp Classic 2017!
The historical moment, we are first time taking part in Carp Championship of Turkey on Sapanca lake!
Golden medals had been won by professional anglers from Katran team France!
Biggest congratulations to Doloc Viorel
Lovely World Carp Classic competition, that attracts many top anglers from whole world!
Proud of our expert in Romania - Doloc Viorel
The winners of Big competitions in France!
Silver winners of Green lakes Carp cup!!! Our biggest congratulations to Baysy Oner, Katran Fishing Line Slovakia and his team!
Great achievement of Witold Śmigiel and his team!
Our biggest congratulations to CARP SOFIA team with our experts Pavel Toromanov, Ludmil Dimov for scoring the 1st place at serious competition in Bulgaria on Язовир Берсин lake.
"Were caught 28 carp weighing 361 LB 6 oz where as the high pressure is excellent."
Prošlog vikenda održano je drugo tradicionalno takmičenje u lovu na šarana i amura u Orašju na jezeru O.Luka, kojim gospodari U.R "Šaran "Orašje. Naša ekipa Carp Team KATRAN Velo Kosic i Martina Marko

I came with our expert Stanislav, to competition camp Friday evening; a lot of participants were already there. It was night and the first impression was quite undefined however, we realised we are in a really beautiful place, surrounded by hills, mountains and great nature. The lights from Sliven were highly definitive.

I was extremely glad to start my spring carpfishing adventures with one of the biggest show in Poland – Rybomania in Sosnowiec city. My friend and head of Genesis Carp company - Marcin Janic kindly invited me to attend this event when I was Katowice city last time...

Impressive news and photos from BRENTWOOD CARP SHOW
"Great day at Brentwood Carp Show on the Mosquito Angling stand demonstrating the Katran range. Haven't done a show in a while so was good to see some familiar faces and meet new friends as well. The Katran Mimicker hooklength was the real star of the show as it literally flew off the shelves! Good luck for tomorrow guys, sorry I can't be there but coaching pike fishing beckons!" Mike Salisbury!
Thanks you a lot for high Katran presentation, dear Mike!
CarpItaly 2016 successfully finished, we are really grateful to all whom we met during these rush days.
From the side of Katran company, we want to express a big thank you to our distributors Lamg Carp and their great team of experts for the highest brand performance level!
It was great event, hope you enjoyed it so much!
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