Back from a pretty productive 48 hours, 7 landed fishes...

Glad to share my report, Just as late autumn is one of the best periods to conquer large fish. I managed to catch these two beautiful carp. That helped me:
A very nice fish, caught by head of Katran Fishing Line Polska, Marcin Janix! 22.2 kg / 48.94 lbs fantastic mirror carp in Slovenia, Smartinsko lake!
Stunning November fish from our friend in Katran Fishing Line Italia, Giuseppe Tanzillo!
Good morning to you, dear friends from Heiko Höhne, Katran Fishing Line Deutschland & Österreich!
Marek Šeba, our expert in Katran Fishing Line Slovakia proves the quality of products in fantastic way - he catch stunning fishes!
Our expert in Katran team France, Mickael Mickael Anthor , is practicing long-distance fishing and only on the edge!
Great performance of strong Katran team Slovenia!
Great performance of Baysy Oner, expert in Katran Fishing Line Slovakia on local competitions.
"Life is made of days that don't mean anything and moments that mean everything" - Michael Pantoli
Terrific performance of Rafal Wojewoda Katran expert in UK!

Great session, with spending last sunny summers days this autumn :)

Impressive weekend caught moment from Heiko Höhne
It was real autumn, the top 3 fishes, that were caught: . 21,30 kg, 20 kg, 18 kg.
Fantastic autumn story from Patrik Bohus, Katran Fishing Line Česká republika!
A passion that lasts for more than 20 years.... Many nights spent in tent to live it as intensely as I like it..... So many km to recharge and carry on my limit...
Happy to share with you bright emotions of Germany Team on 1st Europe Carp Deaf Maraton!
Enjoy your fishing with KatranFishingLine - Igor Pavičić, expert Katran Fishing Line Croatia!
Despite rainy weather, our brave expert Heiko Höhne!
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