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Ich war mit meinen Freundem dort und allen fischten mit dem Tackle von Katranline.

Die ersten Sonnenstrahlen am Morgen weckten mich, denn es wurde so langsam hell und der Tag startete. Es hieß also raus aus dem Zelt. Um zu sehen was sich die vergangene Nacht so unter Wasser getan hat, holte ich die Ruten rein, um alles frisch zu bestücken. Natürlich passe ich mein Vorfach immer dem Gewässer nach an, vorher nutze ich Tuareg, doch an diesem Morgen stellte ich fest, dass Magus doch das bessere sein sollte und wählte eine Länge von 30cm. Ich legte sie kurzerhand mit dem Boot auf die Stellen ab, diese hatte ich vorher mit dem Echolot untersucht und dazu gab ich noch eine Schaufel Partikel sowie eine Handvoll Boilies. Und dann hieß es Ruhe bewahren und die Schnüre im Wasser lassen, so lange wie es geht.

How actually to produce the leadcore, that ideally hugs the bottom terrain?
Copy all bottom relief, be as much accurate and invisible as it possible? How to reach this goal? Not all top manufacturers attempts to make the leadcore large, heavy using lead chain by well-known technology leaded them to serious success. There are a couple of worth using products from these category, but they do not fits the anglers requirements in terms of elasticity.

This week I decided to head over to one of my favourite venues in the UK, Mark's Hall Fisheries near White Roding in Essex.

As a professional angling coach, there’s one thing I don’t have a lot of

Being in full time work, my fishing is made up of quick overnighters and slotting into anywhere I can during the weekend rush of anglers. Preparation is a massive part of my fishing, having rigs pre tied and spots primed can be the difference between catching and not. With limited time on the bank, even with everything prepared, it can all change!

'll be trying out these two different coated hooklinks out for my future trips. I'm a big fan of coated hooklinks due to how easy you can make a effective rig by simply creating a supple section or making a aggressive curve.

Di ritorno dalle vacanze tanto sudate in terra straniera dove ho potuto praticare tre giorni di pesca!!!

Sempre in primo piano le Rabbit white arabian Coconut e le Rabbit red pesca by Renato Cenedese di casa Lamg Carp che in Valle Azzurrasembrano davvero fare la differenza.

Finalmente dopo tanto tempo ritorno al Palalago Laghetto Di Marola. Postazione 14 non delle migliori, ma mi armo di buona volontà e inizio a sondare il fondo.
Molta alga presente e maleodorante ma a 20 metri da riva trovo 3 punti molto duri e puliti ...

Evo i laganog osvrta na odrađenu kampanju na starom rukavcu Drave u Budakovcu kod neposredne blizine Virovitice u trajanju od 19.7-26.7.2015.
Jedna prekrasna i dosta teška voda obrasla trskom i lopočom,muljevitim dnom i prekrasnim okolišem koji boravak na vodi cine jos ugodnijim...

Jedan mali info kako je izgledao ribolov Katran fishing line konzultanta Dalibora Matrke, na jezeru Vukovina.
Ovaj ribolov je bio zamišljen kao trodnevni već u startu nenadano pretvorio se u pakao zbog velike vrućine i praktički nemoguhih uvjeta...

Ik heb gedurende een tijdje de lijnen van Katran gestest.
Wel te weten de Katran Synaspe Carp 0.37 en de Katran Synapse Prime 0.33 
Het verschil zit hem in de rek...

Time for a change?

If your a big fan of gravel & brown coated hooklinks then this one is definitely for you. It has a very durable core made of two materials: Flouropolimer & dyneema fibre. This also holds very well on knots and is highly abrasion resistant.

I was very impressed with was the casting capabilities of the line. Even with a light feeder I was able to reach the tree-line on the far bank with minimal effort. As fishing the method requires repeated casting, the line coped very well with this and there was no line twist whatsoever.

When I first got the hooklink I was very surprised.

Let us present you 3 reasons of Mimicker success:

For those of you that are a fan of dull brown coated hooklinks then have a look at this.A personal favourite of mine which has already made its way into my tackle box for the 2015 season.