Sinking Braided Mainline (SBM)

Fast sinking braid of dark green color. Fast sinking speed and high breaking strength were achieved through the use of a combination of innovative Tualon / fast sinking fibers with a density of 1.52. SBM has high abrasion resistance, thin diameter, allows you to spool more meters on your reel, for fishing at very long distances. The highest sensitivity, low stretch at long fishing distances, were achieved thanks to to the ultimately dense fibers weaving.

Sinking braid
Low diameter and high knot strength
Moss green colour
Low stretch for high sensitivity
Available endless braid up to 1800 meters

ArticleNameStrengthDiameterReelColorin box
213717 SBM 28 Lb 12,70 kg 0,28 mm 300 m moss green 6 pcs.