Synapse Wild Carp

• Low elongation 7-9%
• For wild carps
• Anti-abrasive coating with scratch protection.
• Ultra high knot strength.
• Nice for bottom fishing on a high distances

This line is specially designed for wild and grass carps fishing on high distances. Low elongation 10-12% significantly increases the line responsiveness when it contact with fish. Fast sinking and snug well on a bottom. Dark green colour. Unique anti-abrasive coating improves the line life capability.

ArticleNameStrengthDiameterReelColorin box
208249 SYNAPSE Wild carp 14.40 Lb 6.52 kg 0,305 mm 1000 m dark green 6 pcs.
208256 SYNAPSE Wild carp 15.50 Lb 7.01 kg 0,328 mm 1000 m dark green 6 pcs.
208263 SYNAPSE Wild carp 20.50 Lb 9.28 kg 0,365 mm 800 m dark green 6 pcs.