8 microfibers UHMWPE.
• for long casting
• Extremely strong and flexible.
• Floating

Specially designed for casting on high distances together with our expert in Bulgaria – Ludmil Dimov. Manufactured of 8 microfibers UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) Round, very smooth, flexible, dark green colour. Extremely durable and abrasion resistant. Length of 80 meters and 2 types of breaking strength 45 and 60 lb allows the maximum efficient use even with the biggest leads and feeding rockets.

This shock-leader do not sink, which makes the SPOMB feeding significantly easier.

ArticleNameStrengthReelColorin box
208140 Record 45 Lb 80 m dark green 10 pcs.
208157 Record 60 Lb 80 m dark green 10 pcs.