Synapse Eclipse

Using the very same technology that we utilize in the manufacture of our SYNAPSE NEON we have now created a Worldwide 1st !
We are proud to be able to announce a brand new concept in fishing line in the form of the new ECLIPSE !
The ECLIPSE is really set to take fishing lines to a completely new level!
Effective through the day but it is night time when the unique feature of the ECLIPSE comes into its own and the design of a 2 meter stretch of neon pigment coupled with a 50 cm stretch of black pigment mean that upon retrieve the ECLIPSE will become visible when caught by the light of a head torch.
After extensive testing, we found that the new ECLIPSE was indeed a product worthy of our range, using the line at night became a must and by flashing your head torch beam across the line the Neon reflected the light back giving us a control over the direction of the tow.
Also incredibly useful when fishing close to snaggy or weedy areas, the sight of the line becomes invaluable in these situations especially when taking into consideration fish safety.
Fast sinking with with a low stretch coefficient: 12-15%, the ECLIPSE sits nice and snug on the spool and casts out smoothly too.

  • A very low memory.
  • Anti-abrasive coating with scratch protection.
  • Ultra high knot strength is standard with all our range.
  • Nice for bottom fishing on a high distances
  • Sinking

The ECLIPSE was recently trialed by the World Carp Fishing Champions 2014, Croatian team and the results speak for themselves.

ArticleNameStrengthDiameterReelColorin box
202865 SYNAPSE Eclipse 9,55 Lb 4,33 kg 0,234 mm 1300 m neon-black 6 pcs.
202872 SYNAPSE Eclipse 11,55 Lb 5,24 kg 0,255 mm 1200 m neon-black 6 pcs.
200201 SYNAPSE Eclipse 13,55 Lb 6,15 kg 0,286 mm 1000 m neon-black 6 pcs.
208218 SYNAPSE Eclipse 15,55 Lb 7,05 kg 0,309 mm 1000 m neon-black 6 pcs.
208225 SYNAPSE Eclipse 17,85 Lb 8,10 kg 0,331 mm 1000 m neon-black 6 pcs.
208232 SYNAPSE Eclipse 21,30 Lb 9,70 kg 0,371 mm 800 m neon-black 6 pcs.