Synapse Feeder

Fast sinking fishing line with dark brown colour. Made from copolymer of high quality, extremely durable on the knots, small stretch of 12-13%. Very smooth coated, which increases abrasion protection and prevents from scratches. Catching on the feeder means to have a big number of  throws. A small stretch provides a better chance not to miss the slightest bite. And sometimes it can play a crucial role in the fight for the top places in the competition.

ArticleNameStrengthDiameterReelColorin box
189234 SYNAPSE Feeder 9,55 Lb 4.33 kg 0,234 mm 150 m brown 10 pcs.
189241 SYNAPSE Feeder 12,45 Lb 5.65 kg 0,261 mm 150 m brown 10 pcs.
189258 SYNAPSE Feeder 14,25 Lb 6.46 kg 0,286 mm 150 m brown 10 pcs.