Puchar Karpiarza Jesieni - 2017, UK

Awesome competition report by Rafal Wojewoda, our expert in UK:
"Puchar Karpiarza Jesieni 
44 Carp anglers from England , Lithuania , Slovakia and Poland fishing competition on Trent view Fishery .

Fishing with out a barrier is my project TeamActiveBaits here we fishing all over the country with so many different nationality 
After really bad weather over the weekend we manage catch +260lb carps that good effort.

1st place 
Karpiarza Jesieni 2017 
50lb 14oz Michal Kluk

2nd place 
Karpiarza Jesieni 2017 
50lb 02 oz Robert Mulawa

3th place 
Karpiarza Jesieni 3017 
22lb Mark Madejski

Biggest Fish 
22lb Mark Madejski"

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