Polish Carp Master, 26-28 May 2017 - UK

Great competition, done by Team Active Baits in UK.
We were happy to support it and hope, that every angler, that got Katran tackle, as a prize will reach new tops!

Here is post announce from the tournament:

"English Carp Master Cup 2017.
Participated in the contest 21 carp.
Were caught 28 carp weighing 361 LB 6 oz where as the high pressure is excellent.

The winner of the English carp master cup was
Piotr Bafia with weight 55 LB 6 oz

Adrian Szewczyk with weight 54 LB 5 oz

Took third place
Jarek Wiśniewski with weight 49 LB 4 oz

Biggest fish competition 23 lb carp
Kamil Przybylski

Winner Activebaits sector
Sławek Wasiluk 5 fish

Winner Hull sector angling center
Piotrek Bafia 7 fish

Building Bridges is the winner of the sector
Marek Madeyski 3 fish

I want to thank you all for participating in the competition and see you next year."