Katran & Genesis Rybomania Sosnowiec 2016 performance

I was extremely glad to start my spring carpfishing adventures with one of the biggest show in Poland – Rybomania in Sosnowiec city. My friend and head of Genesis Carp company - Marcin Janic kindly invited me to attend this event when I was Katowice city last time.
Poland is unique country, where western and eastern traditions meets together and creates a great spirit of fishing culture, with incredible ancient traditions and highly valuable catch & release vision. The Rybomania show in March was the last in a set of big exhibitions in Poland. Therefore, it gave a great chance for all anglers and funs of fishing to become well-prepared for their own season.
The Genesis Carp - young ambitious company, which already achieved stable positions on Polish carpfishing market. Their own high-qualitative products, earned a great customer confidence, their proactivity guaranteed a big future. Although Genesis & Katran presentation on Rybomania were only second year, the preparation were on highly- professional level.
When I firstly entered the Rybomania I was pleased to see a big venue with more than 100 stands. On Katran & Genesis stand all team were making final preparations. The key idea of Katran stand was in giving maximum access all visitors to hold in hands our products. That is why, in the center of Katran stand area was placed a special box with white gravel-stones, on which we placed all top products such as: Synapse Camo, Carp, and Eclipse line, coated hooklinks - Cobra, Tarantul, braided hooklink - Tuareg, Korund, needles, Multi-tool, etc. Moreover, to demonstrate all advantage of Mimicker leadcore, it was placed in a big aquarium. The Katran displays were hanged on the closest wall to visitors, so at any opportunity they could examine all our range.

The Rybomania officially started and we were super excited, all our team thought: “let the great things happen”. During first day, I was happy to meet a lot of friends and get to know great people from another brands and companies, the atmosphere were very positive and friendly.
As the first day was welcomed only shops owners and business representatives, I can’t say our stand was overcrowded, however all important meeting have been spent successfully and after this day I and our Polish exclusive distributors, Genesis Carp were full of optimism and with a strong feeling of our big potential on market.
The second day was Saturday, I can call as “gold rush time”. Even on this day were planned great innovative Synapse Neon line 1000 meters presentation. We were extremely excited to see first visitors, who just in 15 minutes overfilled all venue.
I was really glad to see how they come to Katran stands with prepared to-buy lists and clear understating, what they were looking for. The Neon line presentation made a big sensation, visitors were surprised to see well-known line with diameters, they prefer, 0.309, 0.331, 0.37mm were just exactly they were looking for and they happily made their choice.
The second eye catchable thing was Mimicker in aquarium; people who saw it first time were agitated and asked a lot of questions, if it really work and why they didn’t hear about such products nowhere else.
Genesis and Katran stands were overcrowded, however, our brave team tried to devote as much time to each customer as it possible.

I was pleased to invite people and share with them my thoughts and suggest the best suit products, however, it’s logical people more likely spoke Polish, so I tried to learn this interesting language hurriedly. The time run so fast, so we even overlooked, when the exhibition came to the evening closing. After this Saturday a plenty of visitors came home with full pockets of Mimicker leadcore and hooklink, Synapse Carp and Camo, Korund and Fantom, Eclipse and Neon line. By the way, all Cobras, Gurzas were totally sold.
The last third day started on a positive wave. Because it always makes you one of the happiest person in the world, when you see and listen glad customers, who are sharing their only positive experience with Katran products. This day were less people, but not less interest to Katran products, the same leading products were Mimicker, Neon and Eclipse line, so the best result of this day can be measured not in sales amount, but in people, who will come back and become Genesis & Katran friends. The official exhibition closing came so fast with cool and pleasant weariness.
To sum up these Rybomania show was truly amazing, our team achieved on 100% a goal to perform our best and show all Poland the big advantage and great potential of Katran & Genesis products. I can only express huge portion of thanks to all Genesis team with a head of Marcin Janic.

Cause I can only imagine how huge amount of work were made during Rybomania preparations. On Rybomania, they showed all their great passion, all desire and all their high level of skills and knowledge. They enjoyed to speak with each single visitor, clarify his demand and suggest only proved on practice best-suit products. The unique team spirit, the responsibility of each member and one big goal to perform their best speak themselves. I was more than happy to visit this 3-days holiday of Carp fishing, feel the all kindness and hospitality from their side and became on this 3 days a part of this amazing team, who had a big, prosperous future.
Best regards, Viktor