What a great weekend was in Manchester!
This biggest UK show had a huge success, thanks to all anglers, who visited our stand and now have all they need for successful start of their fishing season.
Big thanks to Mosquito Angling and their great team, who made possible on a highest professional level.
Fantastic weekend on Rybomania together Genesis Carp with Katran Fishing Line Polska.
You wan't believe, but almost all products, especially braids and lines totally disappear!
Thanks a lo to this brave team!

We arrieved France/ La Voy at 17.08.2015 one week earlier as the beginning of the competition.
The first thing what we did is to go tot he Lake 
The water and temperature seems like perfect and the wind too...

As soon as we got to know about the running of Shimano-Dynamite cup this year, we immediately decided to take part in it.
Moreover, in previous year due to the ridiculous accident stayed out of this event.
All preparations were properly planned, however...

One more great events happened on this weekend in Poland - Karp Festiwalu 2015. Thanks to all happy visitors, who have taken part in this show, we are sure, you have received a lot of positive emotions. Genesis Carp and Katran Fishing Line Polska are always hot to go.
The 37th International exhibition Hunting and Fishing in Russia. Surprisingly, all famous brands were presented, Russian market have some unique specifics, and even them make Katran products wish-able for a lot of anglers all over the country. 5 days of fair was extremely filled with emotions, conversations and positive feedback sharing.
For fishing Czech Republic - the biggest exhibition of the season, with lots of presented top brands, places to visit and relax, and of course opportunities to buy the best products all over the Europe. Katran fishing line was presented thanks to Uhabakuka company on a highers level.
Carp Show Slovakia - 28.02/1.03 - It's was awesome show, with a great interest to Katran products. People have asked the advice, how to choose the best line for them self, considering big Katran range. Slovakia - is really keen in carpfishing area, and many thanks for all Katran assortment satisfy even the most specific customer. Many thanks to Boalnd, Lifefish and Katran Slovakia teams. See you next fair.
Brentwood show - was the first show in this year. Thanks to Mosquito Angling, our official partner in UK people received an opportunities to study clother our range and was trully suprized the amount of different types of goods. Each of angler have the possbibilty to choose the best fits products. The top sale have became Hooklinks and Leadcore Mimicker.
Carp Zwolle - Impressive weekend was spend on Carp Zwolle show together with Cipro boilies and Katran Fishing Line Benelux.

Rybomania - Fantastic fair was held in Poland, Rybomania 2015, on 6-8 February. Genesis Carp and Katran Fishing Line Polska was presented on a higher level and received a plenty of positive impressions. The best visitors interest was to Tuareg, Skat, Aspid and Mimicker.

CarpItaly - Awesome atmosphere was on this show, everyone will be able to feel the spirit of fishing and take part in a lot of competetions. People were impreesed of Katran products, The best was Cobra, Manta and Mimicker.
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