Impressive catch from leader of Katran Fishing Line Česká republika - Martin Habakuk Hrdý! Greet weekend, spent on beautiful nature,
Impressive catches from David Dicks! 26lb 2oz and 19lb 10oz carps!
Impressive session from our expert in Romania, Doloc Viorel! Great catch on local waters ""Frumoasa" - Săcădate(Sibiu)"!
We are happy to congratulate with great victory in Slovakian local cup our expert Baysy Oner from Katran Fishing Line Slovakia and his teammate!
Synapse Wild Carp - fishing line for extreme conditions and your ultimate hooked fish control, Moreover, despite it's not designed for long casting, our expert Nuno Silva from Katran Fishing Line España & Portugal easily cast it on 100 + meters!
Pretty impressive sturgeon was caught by our expert from Katran team Slovenia, Miha Pogorevc! Well done, thanks for trust in our products,
New beautiful carp, caught by our expert in UK Michael Salisbury​!
Lovely carp caught by our expert in Denmark Søren Strauss!
One more impressive session of our experts from Katran team France! "Fluorocarbon Fantom 35/100 has been extra strong and responded to our expectations on 100%"
Stunning black common carp 16.55 kg caught by our expert from Katran team Slovenia, Dejan Sovič! Our congratulations, well done!

Impressive fish from our expert in Katran Fishing Line SlovakiaBaysy Oner, last session! 
 Glad to share his short, but meaningful impression: "ZIG RIG -line surprised me"

Stunning fish, caught by our expert Ludmil Dimov from Katran Fishing Line Bulgaria in impressively beautiful place - Bersin lake in Bulgaria!

Thanks for choosing our innovative Synapse Wild Carp for high fishing line control.

Another nice catch from the winner of UK Facebook campaign - David Dicks!

"One from today a little over 20lb. Used Aspid 3 coated hooklink Synapse mainline and Katran leadcore Piton to pin it all down"

Great catch from our UK customer, Dan Davy!
Impressive 30lb+ fish, caught using Synapse Carp 0.309mm

Happy to share great catches by Michael Salisbury​, our expert in UK! Used line is: Synapse Eclipse.

Back from Big Game - spring action in Slovakia!

We have the very positive feelings, shearing with you post by Toni Müller, our expert from Germany!
"Freshly spooled Synapse Wild Carp taking it easy to land this common of 13lb and another at 15lb" - Andrew Dickinson
We continue sharing fantastic news from Katran Fishing Line Croatia Another impressive carp, caught by our expert Igor Pavičić, Heavy Synapse Carp Camo 0.437 mm and super strong Manta 45 lb assisted him.
We are glad to share photos of our angler from Katran Fishing Line Česká republika, Well done, dear Martin Štaif.