Great summer session from Cristian Lamg Carp Stabellini, our expert in Katran Fishing Line Italia!
Feel confidence and be strong with KatranFishingLine We are glad to have fantastic Katran team Slovenia
Fantastic shots made on new mysterious lake in Germany, explored by Heiko Höhne, Proti MartinHofmann, Katran Fishing Line Deutschland & Österreich! "Big or small carp must be ? and we caught this for the last 24 hours too, we've been able to land 4 fish up to now. There's a night ahead of us and we're excited to see what's still in the mat"
Our consultant from Katran team France, Mickael Mickael Anthor share this beautiful mirror, caught with confidence using Coated hooklink Cobra 25 lb! "Very durable and abrasion resistant braid for solid fishing conditions"
Spend your weekend in positive way with KatranFishingLine, Thanks to Tom Ellis for sharing this moment!
A very nice session shots from Leigh Price, our UK customer, Well done!
A new UK Personal Best of Michael Salisbury! 31lbs using 17lbs Synapse Camo
Some more epic pictures of PAUL JOHNSON arfter loosing another big un he is happy to share this with us great work paul useing ever faithful KATRAN lines and hooklinks Welldone paul!
Synapse Wild Carp - top choice of Igor Pavičić, leader of Ribolovni filmovi / VSP Studio Igor Pavičić, our expert in Katran Fishing Line Croatia Low elongation, ultimate fishing line control, high abrasion resistance - his criteria for well-performed line for hard conditions.
Glad to share positive impression from David Dicks, our customer from UK:
Feel total freedom and express your all bright emotions with KatranFishingLine
Great weekend session from our UK customer, Leigh Price! Synapse line - his trusted choice,
What the impressive big fish caught by our expert from Katran team Slovenia, Dejan Sovič! 45.19 lb / 20.5 kg stunning grass carp!
Perfect story from Rafal Wojewoda, our expert in UK:
Happy for young generation from Katran Fishing Line Slovakia! Fantastic carp was caught using braided hooklink Amur 25 lb!
Synapse Wild Carp - the right choice for hard fishing conditions and maximum fish-landing control! Thanks to Атанас Неделчев for sharing photo.
Great 15kg monster catch, done by Velo Kosic from Katran Fishing Line Bosna i Hercegovina! Used tackle - Fluorocarbon FANTOM 0,28
What a great session from our experts from Katran team France! 25 bigfish landings just in 24 hours session! Proud of you guys!
Fresh photos from Eden's Lakes in France!
What a stunning fish was caught by our main expert in Katran Fishing Line Italia, Nicola Luna! Proud of you!