Impressive weekend from René Bienert, our friend from Katran Fishing Line Deutschland & Österreich
Spend your best weekend in a great family circle like it's doing our friend from Katran team Slovenia, Klemen Mitnjek!
Impressive collection of great captured moments from Martin Horvat, our expert in Katran Fishing Line Slovakia,
Great example how to enjoy summer with KatranFishingLine
Great catch report by Rafal Wojewoda, our expert in UK:
We are thankful to all Team Katran France with Sylvain Poipy for fantastic event on Etang pond France Many of visitors came discover or rediscover Katran products, participate in the workshops, share the glass of friendship and discover this beautiful place Congratulations to Jean Michel Iglesias. Congratulations also to Thierry Moiroux
A nice short overnight for me produced this common and a small mirror caught using synapsecamo comodo hamelion mosquitoanglinghooks
"A few fish iv had using comodo chain core i got from Mosquito Angling
Top catches by Marko Miskovic, our expert in Austria!
Some really great photos of huge grass carps from Velo Kosic, our expert in Bosnia and Herzegovina! Thank, my friend for your trust in Synapse Neon 0,255 mm, Record 45lb and Amur 25lb!
Outstanding catch-report by Rafal Wojewoda, our Expert in UK:
Fantastic family vacation of our partner Martin Habakuk Hrdý, Katran Fishing Line Česká republika with Michal Vatrs on one of the most beautiful lakes - Blade in Slovenia Glad to share his impression: "Tropical temperatures have not given us much hope for success, but thanks to our determination we have managed to land 9 Catfish, who eat only boilie, but also 6 Carp. I had more luck and so i fulfilled the goal of expedition with carp 19,1 kg, 20,10 kg and 21 kg. Sure we'll come back sometime :)"
Great summer shots from Benoît Carp Fishing, Katran team France!
Nice first photos from Carpfishing Marathon in Romania, where our expert Doloc Viorel take part! Wishing you good luck!
Lovely 12kg grass carp caught by Frank Ulrich, Katran Expert in Germany. We are very proud, that our Zig Rig were helpful during this battle! "Nach 2 Monate Auszeit ging es endlich wieder zum Fischen. Egal, auch wenn ich nur ein paar Stunden am See war. Mein Ziel war ein Graskarpfen. Überraschend zog aber ein Unwetter auf und es dauerte eine ganze Weile, bis es vorbei war. Nach dem das Unwetter vorbei war, ging ich weiter auf zum Spodden. Plötzlich zog ein Graskarpfen an. Gute 12 kg hat er gewogen. Pop up Tropicana! Ich nutzte das Zig Rig und hatte wirklich Erfolg. Ich werde in der nächsten Woche wieder angreifen. Beste Grüsse Frank Ulrich" - Frank Ulrich
Every line cast on the wild waters is a lottery, A combination of Katran camouflage systems has helped us and reworded the effort with handsome in the picture - Katran team Slovenia
Happy to post short impression of our expert from Katran Fishing Line Slovakia, Marek Šeba! "This time I would highlight in particular the Cobra 25 lb and Synapse Neon 0,331 mm which helps me to catch this beautiful carp, thanks also to Dudi Bait boilies"