New, nice 14+ catch from our expert Ivan Atlija, from Katran Fishing Line Croatia
Sturgeon fishing? Yes, it's easy with KatranFishingLine,
What's better than the Atlantic ocean to feel the power of line?
Katran Fishing Line Croatia expert, Igor Pavičić, Ribolovni filmovi / VSP Studio Igor Pavičić, has achieved great capture on Bajeru Bročice!
Great session from Marcin Janic and his friends from Katran Fishing Line Polska!
Katran Fishing Line Deutschland & Österreich team angler René Bienert and his friend Danny Paries were also very successful this weekend.
The golden winner of competitions in Slovakia also caught the biggest fish of the Competition Grass Carp!
Awesome session from Ivan Haytov, Katran Fishing Line Bulgaria!
Good summer-ending success of Søren Strauss, our Scandinavian expert from Denmark!
Fantastic session of our expert in Katran Fishing Line Slovakia, Baysy Oner!
Our exclusive distributors not only work hard to develop market of their countries...
Great mirror on 33+ lb (15 kg) caught by our partner in France, Frederic Nots!
Great night session from Martin Habakuk Hrdý, head of Katran Fishing Line Česká republika!
Stunning carp session from our expert in Katran Fishing Line Bulgaria, Ludmil Dimov!
Nice fishing achievements of Michael Salisbury!
Back on a few days free in the summer period on a water plan that will gave me a beautiful and massive catch of lady carp in the middle of the night. - Ant Hony, Katran team France
The Synapse Eclipse line 0,234 mm as a main line with braided hooklink Manta one of my favorite duo combinations, always effective for my fishing sessions - Cyril Leporcq, Katran team France
The last holiday session (this time not alone but with my best friend and my daughter) went super!