Gordov Dmitrij (Russia)

Additional Info

  • Name: Gordov Dmitrij
  • Country: Russia
  • Years of experience: more than 11 years
  • The greatest fishing achievements: 1st stage Carp Elite 2009 2nd place
    MAD Katran International 2009 2nd place
    Carper Cup 2009
    Donbas Cup 2009 3rd place
    Krivorozhskij Carp tournament 2011 3rd place
    stage Ukraine National Cup 2011 1st place
    Carp Elite 2012 3rd place
    Carp Elite 2009 Big Fish
    Donbas Cup 2009 Big Fish
    Cup of Champions 2010 Big Fish
    Samara Cup 2014 Big Fish
    Samara Championship 2015 3rd place
  • Favourite Katran products: Fluorocarbon Fantom, it has very high quality and totally invisibility in water. Cobra, Gurza, Manta. Hytin, it's very stiff, so it's simple to make rig with right form. Stels. Captura, very strong and flexible. It can be used to make combined hooklink with fluorocarbon for cautious carp.