Cyril Leporcq, Gilles, Jerome (France) - 183 lb / 83 kg

***Mega Fish***
****Magic of Christmas eve****
*****The absolute Katran record*****
******The biggest fish in Katran modern history******
183 lbs / 83 kg fish! Can't believe? We too, but it's true!

Absolutely unbelievable fish was caught last weekend in France!
Cyril Leporcq, expert in Katran team France with his 2 teammates: Gilles and Jerome gone fishing in Christmas eve, here is his story:

"" We decided to spend 23 to 26 December on waters, celebrate coming New Year and make the enjoy last session with friends.
The biggest surprise came exactly at the beginning of the first night. Long 45-minute fight and this clear waters we first time saw that fish. It seemed for us like big lake monster. This fish was immoderately huge torpedo. The weight of that sturgeon was 183 lbs / 83 kg!!! We felt like in heaven! We caught this biggest fish with full trust in Synapse Eclipse line 0.371 mm, that was spooled on our reels and Manta 45 lb coated hooklink. A session gave us memories for all life""

We still can't imagine 183 lbs sturgeon. It is the biggest fish ever caught in Katran. That's amazing achievement, we are so proud of Cyril,Gilles and Jerome! Our biggest congratulations!!!

2017 becomes our best year in France, after Clement Pelissier caught the biggest carp and set new Katran carp record - 39.5 kg; Cyril Leporcq with his friends landed the biggest fish and set Absolute Katran record! It's a big honor for us, that Synapse Eclipse line assisted this stunning success.We are highly thankful to Sylvain Poipy for such brilliant Katran team Francemembers!

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Additional Info

  • Name of anglers: Cyril Leporcq, Gilles, Jerome
  • Country: France
  • Date of catch: 2017.12.24
  • Species of fish: Sturgeon
  • Weight of the fish: 183 lb / 83 kg
  • Used Katran products: Synapse Eclipse 0.371mm Manta 45 lb!