Marko Miskovic (Austria) - 132 lb / 60 kg

Please give us warmest welcome to the BIGGEST fish that have EVER been caught using Katran Fishing Line products!
Stunning sturgeon, that sets new Reccccord: 132+ lb / 60+ kg
Hail to Marko Miskovic, our expert in Katran Fishing Line Deutschland & Österreich and to Mile Milic - brave anglers, who set new level of Katran records! That's unbelievable achievement, all our international team is proud of you so much!
We are fantastically happy, just imagine, Synapse Neon line, with only 0.286 mm diameter and Zig Rig 0.309 mm assisted catch of such amazing BIGFISH!

Additional Info

  • Name of anglers: Marko Miskovic
  • Country: Austria
  • Date of catch: October, 2017
  • Species of fish: Sturgeon
  • Weight of the fish: 132 lb / 60 kg
  • Used Katran products: Synapse Neon line 0.286 mm
    Zig Rig 0.309 mm