• Name of anglers Nicola Luna
  • Country Italy
  • Date of catch 2018.06.01
  • Species of fish Grass carp
  • Weight of the fish 66 lb / 30 kg
  • Used Katran products Neon 0,33mm
    Shock leader brutale
    Tuareg 50lb
Stunning November fish from our friend in Katran Fishing Line Italia, Giuseppe Tanzillo!
Looking back, I have a strong desire to review my experiences again. Just almost seven weeks ago I took part in a marathon with my friend Holger Prinz, Europe Deaf Carp Marathon (EDCM).
Rückblickend zu der letzten Zeit wollte ich meine Erlebnisse nochmals Revue passieren lassen. Vor knapp sieben Wochen nahm ich mit meinem Freund Holger Prinz an einem Marathon Teil, dem Europe Deaf Carp Marathon (EDCM).
"Life is made of days that don't mean anything and moments that mean everything" - Michael Pantoli
A passion that lasts for more than 20 years.... Many nights spent in tent to live it as intensely as I like it..... So many km to recharge and carry on my limit...
Nice session from Giuseppe Tanzillo
Great summer session from Cristian Lamg Carp Stabellini, our expert in Katran Fishing Line Italia!
What a stunning fish was caught by our main expert in Katran Fishing Line Italia, Nicola Luna! Proud of you!
CarpItaly 2016 successfully finished, we are really grateful to all whom we met during these rush days.
From the side of Katran company, we want to express a big thank you to our distributors Lamg Carp and their great team of experts for the highest brand performance level!
It was great event, hope you enjoyed it so much!
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