The golden winner of competitions in Slovakia also caught the biggest fish of the Competition Grass Carp!
The winners of Big competitions in France!
Great summer shots from Benoît Carp Fishing, Katran team France!
Synapse Wild Carp - top choice of Igor Pavičić, leader of Ribolovni filmovi / VSP Studio Igor Pavičić, our expert in Katran Fishing Line Croatia Low elongation, ultimate fishing line control, high abrasion resistance - his criteria for well-performed line for hard conditions.
Ich war mit meinen Freundem dort und allen fischten mit dem Tackle von Katranline.
  • Name of anglers Thomas Hübner
  • Country Germany
  • Date of catch 2017.06.15
  • Species of fish Catfish
  • Weight of the fish 69 lb / 31,3 kg
  • Used Katran products Synapse Wild Carp Fluorocarbon Fantom
Great 15kg monster catch, done by Velo Kosic from Katran Fishing Line Bosna i Hercegovina! Used tackle - Fluorocarbon FANTOM 0,28
What a great session from our experts from Katran team France! 25 bigfish landings just in 24 hours session! Proud of you guys!
One more impressive session of our experts from Katran team France! "Fluorocarbon Fantom 35/100 has been extra strong and responded to our expectations on 100%"
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